Sleep Tight (Poem)

Just when you feel you’ve battled your demons out of existence, think again.

They wait, so calmly and quietly, for when you rest in bed.

When you lie down, close your eyes and drift off to oblivion; they creep into your head.

Sucking away dreams of tomorrow, stealing precious energy for thought, and leaving a nightmared husk.

Soon enough that demon is full of your unguarded aspirations so it leaves you to your sleep. 

The thing is though… there’s never just one to feed.



I started trying drawing with charcoal today, so that’s what these pics are. 

On a less creepy note, here’s a horsey I drew named Pokey. Lol



      1. Hahahaha thays great!
        I was thinking more gangsta!
        Like Dat boi’s
        He be rollin down the street
        He be rollin to the beat
        He be rollin down the street
        He be rollin to the beat
        Watch him roll
        Shit waddup Pokey
        Watch him roll
        Shit waddup Pokey

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      2. Yeah, I skipped on over that trend. Plus we we’re poor and my parents weren’t about to spend money on freakin pongs. Hahaha
        I idolized Maddona and Tiffany and played with my my little ponies and barbies. Not much different toys today really.

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      3. You’re lucky I never had many of them but honestly looking back now so stupid and pointless.
        I had an obsession with swords. Had loads of plastic ones my mum bought me for £1 they were awesome.

        I am kind of hoping to by pass all the with the little one. I’m getting her a blaster and a lightsaber. No girly toys
        She already has a samurai sword

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      4. Come on my little pony isnt girly. My son freaking loved it. Now hes into pokemon. 20$ for a package of printed cardboard cards. Talk about pointless. But he likes it.


      5. It is a little girly. But fair enough if he liked them that’d all good

        I never got the whole pokemon thing. I never found it entertaining, I preferred digimon better story.
        But I agree that is pointless
        But I collected power ranger cards

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