Prom Party (Horror Flash Fiction)

“If you don’t speed it up, I’m going to leave you to the leprechauns!” Victor yells back to his girlfriend. Reminding her of the movie they’d watched the night before. Cindy’s eyes dart into to the darkness of the surrounding forest.

“Don’t even say that Vic! I’m going as fast as I can in this gown and stupid sandals. The rocks keep “Ouch!” jabbing me.” She hobbles towards him in a strange rhythm of step, step, wiggle a shoe, step, wiggle the other. Finally remembering he’s suppose to be getting some tonight and it wasn’t going to happen if she’s in her present pissy mood, he stops in the path for her. 

While he waits, Victor appreciates the moonlight as it twinkles off the gold beads decorating her breasts as they jiggle from her effort. His thoughts go to what she would look like out in the dark woods, naked. Then he thinks of the animal like sex they could have against a rough tree or bending her over a rock.

“What the fuck is that stupid look on your face?” she screeches and stops before him panting. Her hair is damp and falling down, her make up smeared by sweat. Vic takes a deep breath and pulls his libido back to earth. 

” Just jump on my back Cindy.” She whines, “Can’t you carry me in your arms? I don’t want to rip the hem of this dress, it was crazy expensive.”
Victor chuckles at the thought, “No offense Cindy, I’m strong but I’m not the hulk.”
“Did you just call me fat? I have like two percent body fat, asshole. This sucks and I’m going home!” She turns to walk back down the trail to her car. Victor isn’t sure of the right thing to say to get her to stay, but wants her to come to the bonfire party. He runs after her, picks her up and flops her over his shoulder. She screams half-heartedly but they’re almost to the clearing where the epic prom party is held every year. He can hear the bass of John Casner’s lifted 4×4 van over the hill.

“Hold still woman, we’ll be there in a second. Stop moving!” She doesn’t answer, only gives a great heave to the left, almost knocking him over. 

“Damn it Cindy! Do you want to walk?” She stays quiet and stops fidgeting so Victor walks on. His progress is slowed by a steep hill and sweat forms on his brow. Stopping a second to wipe his face he notices that the back of his tuxedo pants are wet. Figuring it to be rolling sweat or dampness from grass, he puffs along to the clearing. 

“We’re here, WOOO!” he announces to an unusually quiet group of partiers sitting and facing the campfire.
Before he goes to check on his friends, guessing they got into a bad batch of shrooms again, Victor sets Cindy on her feet. She immediately drops to the muddy ground. 

” Oh shit! Sorry hon.” He thinks that she may have feinted from the blood rushing from her head, but can’t see that well in the dark since looking into the campfire.
Victor bends to help her up, but can now see the wet stump where Cindy’s head used to be.
“What the FUCK!” What the…Where’s your head CINDY?! WHAT THE FUUCK! Somebody help!” 

Screaming, he scrambles away from her as fast as possible. Dust flies as he runs to the group at the campfire. Pulling his buddy Rudy from behind, he tips back off of the log seat. Landing on his back reveals Rudy’s raggedly slashed throat and dull staring eyes. 

“Is this a fucking joke! Am I on a hidden camera show right now? Please?” He shakes his friend and feels Rudy’s unmoving silent chest.

Pulling back his hand, he trembles and vomits his fancy prom dinner into the dirt. 

“I gotta get out of here…I gotta go…” but Vic’s body isn’t moving. His eyes are just looking around at the other slumped and seated corpses of his fellow students. Harry, Isabel, Anne, Gary, John all dead. The song changes on the van’s stereo leaving a deafening silence for a couple seconds. One second long enough for him to realize that whoever or whatever drained his friends might be watching and plotting to kill him too. 

“I’m out of here!” he says to himself.
Victor runs and jumps into the lifted van, slamming his hand onto the doorlocks. He turns down the earsplitting music before trying the ignition. The starter whines but the engine won’t fire up.

“What the hell!” He screams at the front windshield. A few moments of heavy sobbing and he is able to calm himself. Vic wipes the tears and snot from his face with his blood smeared sleeve. 

Then he remembers John saying something about pulling a couple spark plug wires so some asshole couldn’t get drunk and decide to go on a four wheeling joyride, like last weeks party. Vic realizes that this means he has to leave the safety of the van, he begins frantically scanning the darkness outside. 

The side of the van facing the campfire is lit enough to tell if someone is there, but on the other side it’s pitch black. The windows are beginning to fog and that doesn’t help matters. Pulling out his cell he tries to call the cops but has no signal. It’s a known fact about the mountain, but he had to try. 

Getting the van running is the only option left. Finding the knob for the headlights, he is able to see in front of the vehicle now. No killers yet.

“Just do it! Don’t be a pussy…you’re not a pussy!” He says firmly to himself and unlocks, pushes open the driver door, and hops out in one smooth motion. His eyes strain into the darkness for a moment before he screams out and crumbles in pain. 

Clutching both of his legs, he pushes himself into the light of the van’s high beams. Dirt coats the back of his blood dampened slacks. There is a warm, dulling of the sensation coming from his legs. When Victor pulls up his pant legs he sees the clean slice through the tendon above his heal . 

“Fuuuuck!” he screams and tries to stand, pushing past the pain. It’s no use, he can feel the blood pouring out and is going colder with shock. Vic lies back down, trying to calm the pumping of his heart while he waits for the sick monster who did all this to come finish the job.

“Come on asshole! Just get it over with!”
What he wasn’t expecting, was a soft woman’s voice to come from the other side of the campfire.

“Victor? Are you all right?”



To be continued…

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