I tried Tumbler this week and I just couldn’t. Erased it in two days.

Maybe I’m too old or uncool but damn, I just couldn’t see what the point of it was. It bothered me that there seemed to be only a small percentage of original content.

I also tried Twitter a while back, but I don’t think people are supremely interested in my crazy ass random thoughts. Or hearing me bitch about going to the grocery store and doing housework.  

No, I think I’ll stick to WordPress. Whether y’all like it or not! 😁😃


    1. My major problem with blogger was that they wouldn’t let me pick the email address I wanted to use. They wanted to use my main one, which I stupidly made my whole dang name. So on places such as this I have to use a different one. And it was confusing too. Lol

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  1. I have my posts going in to both twitter and tumblr. I don’t actually use either other than that.

    I get where you’re coming from with those, I set up twitter incase I need it for when I’m a rich and famous author. 😀

    As for sticking with WordPress you go for (even if I think I’m partially to blame for that)

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  2. I tried Tumblr for a few months; a blogger there is actually who inspired me to start writing short stories! But I’ve found a much larger audience here on WordPress. Tumblr is much better suited for pictures, short quips, or memes, in my opinion. 🙂

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    1. I do enjoy Twitter and Facebook though! I especially enjoying interacting with the #AmWriting tag on Twitter; it gives me the opportunity to chat with other writers and bloggers. 🙂

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