Curiouser and Curiouser…

Just for fun. 

No wrong answers..just wondering what others see. 

I have no preset idea of what the sketch represents. 

BS welcome… 

I drew it. Got some new, thick paper, I’m lovin it.  



  1. Well for me there are two ways of looking at this.
    If you look from left to right they are flying along on a huge champagne Cork flying through the air but they are traveling backwards over a bare hill that has recently been deforestated.
    From right to left they are flying on an angry duck head into battle.

    But that’s just me and I’m a bit insane 😛

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  2. Is this an image from a dream or a randomly inspired doodle/sketch?

    The upper and lower figures appear to be balancing acts. I’d say the ballerina is you while your hubby is the caveman-ish figure sitting on a trapeze. You feel you have more to balance/juggle and cannot sit still (nor can he). The world, or city, is between you, possibly a sign of distance from work or lifestyle differences. But, there’s a world below both of you, or away from both of you, which contains a whimsical rabbit, typical character to represent a zany, imaginative realm, a creative space, not unlike Wonderland. However, the distant land isn’t very fertile. So, perhaps, there isn’t much room for imagination or not enough to feed it.

    Perhaps, the smaller city/world is as much as you two can handle while the bigger world exists outside your grasp. The implement holding both figures in the air also looks like an Egyptian character/hieroglyph with some kind of map in the round portion, possibly the map of life you parents create as you go.

    That’s my heavy-headed analysis. 🙂 Your bill is in the mail. heh.

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    1. Wow! I don’t think I can afford that great of an analysis. The art is just what popped out of my head. I tend to just make a few lines then say hey this kinda looks like a ____ and add on it.
      I loved your take on it and definitely identify with some of the ideas you gave. Bravo!


      1. Well, I wish I could offer a discounted rate. But, I’m all out of clever reasons at the moment. 🙂

        So, you give yourself what my family used to call a “doodle challenge.” You make the first shape to either enter your mind or that flows from your pen and then build around that with whatever the squiggle/doodle inspires. A free-form mandala approach.

        I wonder how you came to the conclusion to add a pair if circus performers to the “duck head.”

        My pleasure. 🙂

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      2. Yes it definitely starts like a doodle challenge, then I just try to incorporate only a small bit of reality. Really its whatever nonsense pops in my head and I think I might be able to draw. Lol

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      3. What is the reality bit?

        I see we are both burning to complete a good novel.

        I don’t draw nonsense. If I do, I feel I’ve wasted my time and talents. I usually, if not always, strive to draw something useful, whether it’s just to amuse myself or to be part of something bigger. Which is why I get upset when people either damage/dispose of my work or tell me it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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      4. Uh ballerinas have tutus in real life…lol
        I am not so much burning to complete a novel as I am trying (and failing) to overcome a habit I have of not following through long term on projects. If I get a novel finished because of it, all the better.

        I think anyone should should be upset at someone messing with their art. Its something you’ve put effort into and it’s an example of your creativity, not really anyone elses business. Just my opinion.


      5. That is sooooo sad. 🙂

        I, too, struggle with the long-term projects. Or, rather, if a project requires more time than it provides stimulating interest, I falter and may put the project aside. So, there ARE long-term projects that consume my interest and swallow up so much time that I wonder if they are worth it (if there isn’t the proper audience to assess my work).

        It would seem we both lack the proper support system. People may not realize it often enough, but even the gizmos we use regularly have support of some fashion to function and cover glitches. Yet, humans often miss this concept and some flounder without proper support/connections. If we had the proper “software,” we might “run” more smoothly and not suffer from a “weak registry.”

        Although, if you listen to certain sources, they’d put all the blame on us and say we just need to kick ourselves in the ass to get going. I lump those people in the same category who slap TV and computer monitors when they don’t perform as desired.

        So, if a novel isn’t so important, why is it the one “project” you list as a goal instead of the goal being improving your steadfastness in completing long-term projects?

        Your opinion is very sound and appreciated. It does not stop the “negative voices” from invading my space. And, it doesn’t guarantee you would appreciate every piece of art I’d create. But, it’s a grain of sand in the beach favoring my creation’s preservation. And, those sands gradually build up support/defenses against the tides of destruction. I have no reason to discard your opinion. 🙂

        If you desire any input/assistance, feel free to contact me. [And, I might appreciate your input on projects of mine, as well.]


  3. On the edge of a pin, with a bunny rabbit watching hehe 🙂 oj.
    It could be a reference, to heaven and hell. It could be about, needing to appear pretty and perfect, while truly wanting to be wild and feral. But then, there’s that city. This is actually kind of hard.
    Still like your drawing, even if I’m miles of its meaning :).
    Also, Love Alice in Wonderland 🙂 Love that reference 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      I like your ideas and didn’t think of the heaven/hell aspect…hmm the city could be purgatory??

      Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were my favorite when I was 7 or 8. Still love it. ☺

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  4. It’s clearly Don King swinging on a flying tooth with a ballerina in tow while a giant bunny peers at them over the horizon and regrets taking that stuff the caterpillar through the looking glass gave him to smoke…

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  5. I see a Classical Era Middle Eastern city in what looks like a bottle neck. At first I thought it was Jesus on the swing, but, on second thoughts, I think it’s Steve. Steve Redmond-Wrigley. The harpy up top is actually a prostitute posing as a ballerina, hence the umbrella because there’s a forecast of rain and she doesn’t want to get all wet until after the punters have had their way with her. The hill is a representation of where Peppa Pig lives, except her house has been bulldozered. The rabbit is a product of the incest between Rebecca and Richard rabbit. There you go. that’s what I see.

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