300 Followers!  What what!!! (Doin’ a dance!)

See, even Gerard Butler’s excited! That sexy…crazy hot…uhem, sorry, I’ll get back on track. 

Now, I have been a total slacker postwise these last few months and yet people read and people followed. 

Whether it be from laziness with your unfollow buttons or loyalty, I appreciate your continued attention. 

I can promise to pick up my posting schedule again…but by now if you know me, you will realize… it is but smoke up a dragons bum. 

Probably not going to happen, it may…but don’t hold you’re breath. I can’t be responsible for that many deaths again.  😒Uh..Jk…

As a person I am partially inconsitent. Not even steady in my inconsistency.  My inspiration, my energy, my attention; all sporatic.  

So! I thank you all tremendously for hanging in there and having a peek at what I do manage to get out there. I appreciate it immensely.  

You crazy varied humans are the best! 

That original pic is from the 300 movie. Obviously.


  1. Congratulations Kira that’s amazing and well deserved.
    You know I love your blog and I am (technically) partially responsible for you being here so you’re stuck with me.
    I know I was one of your first followers and frankly your stuck with me 😛
    But seriously congratulations I’m proud of you

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    1. Thank you Colin!
      I’m glad to be stuck with you. Duct tape it up! Lol
      Its so nice to have you to chat with on here about randomness and wierdness. So thank you double.
      Ps. Send cookies🙁.


      1. Haha no problem,
        *pulls out duct tape*
        I will send cookies if you send me some back 😛

        By the way I just looked at my stats and you have made, to date 208 comments on my posts. That’s 99 more then the next on the list you are by far at the top.
        I’d hate to think how many I’ve made on yours. And the random chats we have on here are always fun

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      2. I tried to find your comment numbers on mine but I cant. I’m a long term noob. I did see that your blog description needs updating. It says your still waiting to be a dad.😀
        Im sure your numbers are similarly high on mine, cuz yer awesome!


      3. Yeah i need to update that I’m also not 32 anymore I was 33 two weeks ago.
        If you go to your stats page, change it to “insights” and scroll down it gives your top top followers by comments and it shows you there

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      1. hahahaha generously jealous, I’ll steal this one someday 🙂 Yeah, I am very happy with the way things are going, blogging-wise 🙂 I learn a little from this experience every day, and I love it!

        I hope you’re doing good 🙂 xx

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      2. Steal away!
        I am good, just trying to stay sane while dealing with my bored bickering kids for the summer. Lol
        It is fun blogging on here especially, you never know who your going to connect with.
        I’m really not surprised at your amount of followers, you have a great social presence. Very personable and friendly.
        Hope your day is great!

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      3. Uhmmm Let’s just say life has been repeatedly stepping on my toes today…. And it decided to put pointy high heels to do so… you know, just so things would be more fun!!

        But as I wrote in my last post, I know clouds will part fast. Just money and material issues.

        Thanks a lot for your good words 🙂 It is very heart warming to see that people appreciate my brick in the Bloggosphere wall 🙂 🙂 🙂

        As for your kids… have you thought about playing Appolo 13 with them? You just lock them in a room (the smaller, the better) with random stuff like empty toilet papper rolls and duct tape, and tell them they are astronauts and have to build you a *fill blank with whatever comes to mind* in order to be let out again….

        Spoiler, don’t ask for an air filter thingy… They might have seen the movie! LOL

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  2. Yay! Congratulations on all the followers. You post certainly inspires me as I am very inconsistent too. This time around I’m hoping to be more so to actually gain a following.

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    1. Thank you! I used to feel guilty about the lack of consistency, but I realized that realy I’m doing the blogging thing for me and for some fun human interaction, so I use it when I need it.
      When they start paying me, I’ll be on schedule…well I’ll at least attempt to be… Maybe. lol😛

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      1. haha yeah I hear ya about getting money. I guess I see my attempt at consistency as my method of somehow stumbling across my blog’s longer term purpose.

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  3. A much deserved milestone and no doubt the numbers will exponentially increase. It’s all about the quality, not the quantity. I’d rather see a couple of superb posts a month than twenty bazillion an hour that are all crap (as I too often see from others I follow). Keep it up.

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      1. Exactly. The fact that the posts are pure nonsense most of the time doesn’t help. One person I follow gives a daily update about how their book is doing on Amazon. They also post every time someone buys or reviews it. Seriously—why?

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      2. I might send that info to my mother (whether she likes it or not), but I’m not so self involved that I’d think others would be interested in my every day accomplishments. There’s a platform for that…Twitter. lol!
        My pet peeve is sales blog posts or people repeated asking for me to give money. I, like most WP folk, am broke. hahaha
        You tube is where the money is. 😁


      3. I’ve gotta say that beauty product blogs have me reaching for the nearest bunch of anthrax to snort. I’m also somewhat bored of parenting blogs and others I shan’t mention at the risk of seeming insensitive. I see a lot being written about, but very little worth reading.

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