Winner           (Poem)

A ghost can be born of a terrible act. It tucks itself away in a victims head, undetected by the conciousness. Quietly haunting the darkest corners of the mind, until the day a thought is left to stray; unguarded. Latching on, gifting a slideshow of horrors then as quickly as it springs out, it goes. … Continue reading Winner           (Poem)


Prom Party Part 3 (Horror Fiction-not for Kiddies!)

Nelly ignores the dampness soaking into the knees of her jeans while she hides behind a thick bush. Annoyed, she carefully watches as a group of crime scene investigators photograph and tag everything in the clearing.  A fat, older cop walks closer talking to someone on his cellphone, "It's the worst fucking thing I've seen … Continue reading Prom Party Part 3 (Horror Fiction-not for Kiddies!)