Prom Party Part 3 (Horror Fiction-not for Kiddies!)

Nelly ignores the dampness soaking into the knees of her jeans while she hides behind a thick bush. Annoyed, she carefully watches as a group of crime scene investigators photograph and tag everything in the clearing. 

A fat, older cop walks closer talking to someone on his cellphone, “It’s the worst fucking thing I’ve seen since the war. Purely senseless killing…Yes. We’ve got to catch this crazy bastard, before he kills any more kids…. Yeah call me back with that information. Bye.”

“Damn it!” she curses to herself once the coast is clear. Her hope was that it would take longer for someone to find the gruesome party scene; giving the larger animals plenty of time to destroy all the evidence. As far as she can tell from her hiding spot, the bodies have only been nibbled on by smaller forest creatures.

Though Nelly is happy to hear that the police are on the wrong track in thinking the killings were done by a man, thier closeminded assumtion makes her angry.

Backing away from the scene, she takes a calming breath and makes her way back towards the cozy cabin.
“Time to see how my Honey’s doing.” Nelly says with a dreamy smile. A full day alone in the cabin is her punishment to Victor after his grumpy mood yesterday made her so upset.

Skipping down the trail happily, her bag of supplies bounces against her back. “He’ll be in a better mood now that he’s gotten some sleep.”
Pulling the chain lock from the door, she enters and calls out “Did you miss me?”
No answer.
She says in a shrill tone, “I said… did you miss me?”
Victor keeps still and quiet. 

Realizing that something might be really wrong, she rushes over and shakes him, “Victor!..Victor, Honey! Wake up!” Nelly screams loudly in his ear and still he stays limp and unresponsive. It’s the heat coming off his skin that finally clues her in to what the problem might be. 

Quickly, she tears the medical supplies she’s taken from her stepfather out of the bag. Nelly is no nurse, but she’s seen her Stepdad perform small procedures on the animals on the farm. Men are like animals, at least that’s what her Mom always said.

Pausing, she remembers the crushing disappointment she experienced last week after sharing her wonderful life plan with her parents and having them try to ruin it all. Nelly shrugs and thinks, “It’s easier now. No one is left to stop me.” She proudly recalls the ingenious idea she devised to hide the bodies.

Using the tractor, she dug a deep pit in the usual area of the back pasture where they buried dead animals. Then, leading over a couple of cows, she cut their throats and pushed them in with the tractor’s help.

Next came the messiest part, completely gutting the cows in the pit. It was hard work but she tucked first her mother in one cows abdomen, then her stepfather went into his own cow cocoon. Both had been tranquilized earlier and funnily gave similar looks of surprise when she’d stabbed the needle into their necks. “Well, if they weren’t dead at the time, they surely are by now”. Nelly smiles at her own small joke and gets back to helping Victor.

Getting the IV into Victor’s arm is hard. She shreds a couple veins before finally getting it into his left arm. Nelly blames the needle. It’s big, maybe bigger than what is generally used on humans but it’s all that she has and he badly needs fluids and antibiotics.

Once Nelly gets the medication started, she sees how filthy he is. Blood, dirt and waste are smeared all over Vic’s lower half.
Stripping his soiled clothes off, she washes him with slow, tender strokes. Running the washcloth over every inch of his muscled physique she memorizes all the dips and valleys of her soul mate’s body. 

The cool water and open air bring his fever down to normal levels and Victor awakes with a scream; like he’s been trapped in a nightmare.

The moment he realizes that all the horrible things that played in his mind while he slept are real, he weeps.

With her head resting on his bare chest, Nelly whispers “Shh, Love. You’re safe here with me.”

He sobs again, because he knows that he is nowhere near safe.

Suddenly, his breath catches and he feels her warm hand wrap around his bare dick and gently move up and down. It wouldn’t be unpleasant except for the fact that Nelly makes his skin crawl.

“Poor baby, I’ll make you feel better.” Her smile while intending to be sweet, is infinitely creepy.

As her hand continues to bob, he searches his brain for a way to make her to stop and not piss her off in the process. He has a strong feeling she would have no problem ripping the genitals from his body.

“Ah..uh…weren’t you wanting to stay pure Nelly?” Vic asks gently.
“Mmm hmm..” she nods then drops her head down, intending to slide her wide mouth over him.

“Wait!..Nelly!… I thought you knew I only want a completely pure virgin to marry. Not a half virgin.” She freezes and slowly turns her head to look at him.

“What?… But you were always doing this stuff with the other girls.” Vic’s gut clenches in fear as she looks at him with squinted eyes.  

Vic recovers his composure and gives her a small, hopefully convincing smile. “Yes, but you’re special Nelly. Those other girls were just practice so that I could be the very best for you on our wedding night. I’m very uh.. religious, you know. ”

Reluctantly, she agrees. “Okay… We can wait until the wedding night. It’ll be even more special for us.”

Nelly gives his hard dick one last squeeze followed by a longing glance. Then she throws a blanket over him, while he lets out the breath he’s been holding.

“Maybe, we could have a romantic meal instead. If you were kind enough to bring some food?” Vic fights to hold back a gag at the tone and words coming from his mouth. 

The whole time he repeats in his head, “Stay alive. You can do it. It’s only acting. Someone WILL save you.”

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