Forever Hers (Poem/story)

She is a wisp among the fog, kissing his skin as he moves along.  

Echoed steps that don’t care to pause, even as she shouts her love.

Everyday she follows her beautiful knight, to share every little moment of his life.

Effortlessly he rescues her eternal soul, renewing the faith that love must be strong.

Then the day her many prayers were answered as he stepped from the curb, never seeing the hazard.  

The 8:15 bus to the downtown zoo, flattened him out as they tend to do. 

The ghostly woman squealed in delight as her love reunited shyed away from the sight. 

His corpse lay mangled and bloody in the street, causing him to stare and shake in disbelief.

Rushing over, she took his hand in her own, “Our love is eternal and now it can bloom!”

Pulling away in full stricken horror, he shouted, “Jessica, you’re dead! …and there’s a restraining order..” 

“Not anymore!” She sang. “And see that glow fading from your body? You just missed your ride to heaven, buddy.”

The man rushed and dove back into his skin but his stalker was right and his chance was gone. 

Leaning down, with a breathy whisper she reminded him,  “Didn’t I say you’d be mine….forever.”   



Picture is from here.


      1. Maybe you can have yourself reincarnated as a tiny fly, so that you can do the bugging in the next life. Although I imagine there’d be some drawbacks to being a fly. Eating poo and trash, possibly getting smooshed, and only living a few day s, but hey you could fly!


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