Breakaway        (Poem)

Softly speaking, softly stepping, slowly shriveling inside. 

Lies to keep them in line, in motion, influenced. Lies none the less.

No closer to ascension then they were at birth. No closer to winning that silent eternal race of our race. No use. 

A higher rank of human, doesn’t exist. Just variations of the same cunning animal. Evolved to manipulate others. Emotions, a handy tool.

One species, not qualified to dictate. But it happens every day. Don’t give in or give up what you feel is right. Hang on. 



Wrote this back in June, not sure why I left it but here it is. 😊

I took the pic in my backyard, while watching a thunderstorm.



    1. Thanks, Im glad you got anything strong from it.😁
      I thought of it more as saying hang on to your personal morals and don’t let others tell you how you need to live your life. I see how it would be interpreted as rebelling too.


      1. In many ways, what you said is rebellion given that most people out there are on a quest to change the way others think. Sadly for them, there are folk out there too strong mentally to fall into their sordid little traps.

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