A Cold Touch (Poem)

Tickle cool pleasure across my skin. 

Please gift me with sighs of shivering sin.

Wet all over, thinking only of you.

Can’t you see what you’re putting me through.

It’s downright cruel.

Why couldn’t you have hung on. 

Gave warning.

Or just trudged along until the part came where it’d be all better.

But no, you gave up with out a sound, leaving me in this harsh desert clime.

Please! I need my air conditioned to at least eighty. I’m not a gal built for temps of one-twenty!


Yes, my AC went out yesterday afternoon and the part won’t be in until tommorrow. 😥 Last night I got very little sleep, it was hot, rough, and sweaty. Not in the good way either! I am also in the middle of packing for a camping trip and trying to not die of heat stroke. Lol

80F is 26C and 120F is 49C. Just remembered other countries go by Celsius. Lol.


Painting is Sad by Alberto Serrano Moya



  1. That is really hot. We only get to around low 40s here and it’s stifling. Can’t imagine it. Our AC goes on when it’s around 30C as we live upstairs and it’s like an oven in Summer. We are pretty well insulated thus I turn it on and off.

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      1. Well mine just sold his boat this year at a loss he bought it for 28K sold it for 10K to a friend 😩 there’s still his motorcycle lol I still haven’t had a ride on it

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    1. Hahaha you acclimate to a certain degree. Anything below 110F/43C starts to feel mild. But that’s when there’s AC to rescue you when you start to get to hot. I honestly don’t know how they did it back in the days of no AC. I definitely would have died. Lol


      1. I’m the archetypal pasty, white Brit. Throw in the fact I’m a hot blonde (😂😂😂) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster when it comes to sun and climates anything above mild! Plus I’m from Manchester, which is famous for rain. It’s like a less interesting and smaller Seattle.

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    1. It was a beautiful camping trip. Every day was in the 70s to 80s. Lots of squirrels, chipmunks, and a fearless skunk kept roaming around our camp site while we were sitting around the fire. He came every night to sniff out food.


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