Sleep On (Bit of Erotica)

So I got a tickle this week to try writing erotica. I am a huge fan of the genre but have shied from giving it a go because of past failures. My filed, dusty romance stories make me cringe looking back at them. But as I’m sure some cat poster somewhere says, “Failure is just a learning experience on the road to success”. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be just another lesson in cheesiness and cliché when I look back on it later, but hell I tried. LoL


————-   Stepping out of my dress and underwear, they’re tossed at the hamper.  I crawl into bed beside a bare, sleeping you and I can’t help the images that pop in my head. Dirty thoughts of things we’ve done and then whether I switched the laundry or forgot to start the dishwasher again. The news drones on in the background.

I turn on my alarm. You turn onto your side and there is that smooth slope. That piece of skin that always catches my eye. The curve where your ribs end and the smooth swell of your hip begins. It is the sexiest thing.

I stare for a minute, then smile when I remember that I can touch you however I imagine. My hand itches to slide up your thick leg and I let it. So quietly, carefully, slowly, I drag it up your thigh. Brushing past coarse hairs, you shiver and give a slight moan. I pull back, frightened of waking you and ending my fun.

You’re facing the wall and I walk my fingers gently up your spine, then down. No response.

I lean in to kiss your muscled shoulder, right where it dimples at the top and wonder if what I’m doing is changing your dreams for the better.

Do you dream of only me or perhaps some other random woman. Someone you try to fight off, but then give in to, because it feels so good… I love your fantasies as well.

With a loud snore you roll again to your back. I smile so wickedly while tracing circles on your chest, then around your belly button. Hesitantly, pulling my hand away.

A commercial is blaring laughter and I turn the tv off. It’s dark and you need my full attention.

Pushing myself towards the foot of the bed, I am now level with favorite plaything.
I want to squeeze and measure you in my palm. Study your length, like I don’t already have it memorized.

Quick shallow breaths coincide with your light snores and my heart is racing. We have been exploring each other for years, it’s crazy how damn naughty I feel fondling you without permission.

A tiny touch with my tongue and your cock twitches towards your belly. A test to see just how asleep you are.

Nothing happens so I try again, swirling my tongue around the tip this time. You’re sleeping deeply. I also find you gloriously hard. It makes me grin every time, like I accomplished the feat all myself.

Tenderly I work my mouth half way down, moving the flat of my tongue along the edge how you like. I know and love your flavor, it is so primal. Every act with you still feels so fucking primal. It all comes down to getting me in you and you in me until we can’t tell or feel the difference.

I am extra careful not to scrape you with my teeth or lean into you too hard, it strains me a little but it’s worth the thrill I receive. You’ve got me slick already.

I almost want you to wake and take your revenge on me. A firm spanking is the least that I deserve for my actions. A good, hard, pinned to the mattress, disciplining.

But first, I plan to do my worst… or rather my best.

When you unconsciously flex your hips to push yourself farther past my lips, I freeze, just holding you in the wet warmth of my mouth. After a few moments, your body relaxes back into a deep sleep.

I continue gently bobbing, just a slow steady rhythm that works. I can tell it works from the sharp sweetness at the back of my throat. Soon you are bucking your hips, abs tightening and I think, “He must be awake.” but I can’t stop now, you’re on the brink.
You throb once against my tongue, then I am flooded. It is swallow or drown. Your eyes fly open wide; confused.

I’ve succeeded.

Your chest heaves and you twitch as I clean you.
Then ask in a sexy, sleepy tone, “What.. what.. did you do?”
I smile wide and proud, “Nothing, just playing with you.”
“Oh it feels nice…well… Good night, love you.” At that, you roll to the wall; snoring ensues.
“But…what about me?” I squeak.
This is going to be a long night indeed.


Top painting is done by Nebojsa Zdravkovic

The painting below is Landscape #160 by Eunice Golden



  1. Nicely done! I could easily imagine it as it unfolded. You should try your hand at more another time. Oh, and yes, you definitely deserved a little discipline…lol

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, I’m sitting on an airplane and this had me making a lot of adjustments…vey hot! You have a great touch for this genre and hope you will continue. I liked the detail…made it easy to slip into the moment. The emotional and sensual connection blended with the naughty was also very compelling. Two thumbs (and more) way up. 🔥☺

    Liked by 1 person

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