They’ll Know Then     (Flash Fiction Story)

via Daily Prompt: Flavorful

Bitter isn’t a taste for Judith, it is a state of being. Sweet George calmly sits with her on the porch and listens to the same complaints every morning. All about the school kids as they run and chatter past her yard. Judith always begins by poetically cursing their exuberance for life.

“They don’t even know pain yet. No one has stolen their laughter, but they will…

Sometime before they grow old, loved ones will be snatched from their hearts, opportunities will be dashed into the dirt, and loneliness will become the only dependable friend.

Then they will sit where I am and attempt to warn the young of their coming doom. I tell you, it’s no use. 

They can’t hear any wisdom with the sound of childhood playing so loudly in their tiny ears.  

But… eventually everyone is left in the silence with nothing but their own sickly voice repeating decayed regrets and rehashing every mistake they ever made. 

You know George, I’d pay a pretty penny for a lobotomy at this point. They won’t do it on just anybody anymore though; damn governnent regulations.”

Taking a long drag from her Virginia Slim, Judith tapped her ash into a whisky tumbler left on the porch from last night’s ruined star gazing. The new yuppy neighbors across the street had a flood light installed. So now, not only was it impossible to see the stars, it was like staring into the sun. She reminded herself that there were some strongly worded letters that needed writing today. 

Before smashing the butt of her cigarette, Judith lit another using her last one. Through a heavy cloud of smoke she spits then tells George, “Even my cigs aren’t as flavorful at they were in the begining. Damn government ruins everything I enjoy… 

George! Get off that chair if you’re going to lick yourself… Damn disgusting cat!”

He saunters off the porch but not before shooting her a slit eyed glare. 

“You’ll be back for lunch, you ingrate.” She yells after him; followed by a coughing fit.

The neighbors whisper to each other and shake thier heads with pity filled glances.

Judith sees them staring and gives them a yellow tinged grin while holding up her middle finger. 

“Soon enough… they’ll know what it’s like to be me.” 




  1. Well, that was a nice, jolly story to read on a Sunday morning whilst hungover 😂 There’s an awful lot of truth behind it though. As most of us get older, we have a tendency to like to tell children—well, anybody younger than we are—about how much more difficult it’s going to get and even despise them for their youthfulness. We DEFINITELY all talk about how much better things were. I do that all the time.

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