1. Dog: “Hi, are you going to eat that pancake?”
    Kira: “don’t even think about it.”
    Dog: “Oh you are going to eat it?”
    Kira: “Leave my pancake alone!”
    Dog: “Ok, ok.”
    Dog walks away thinking *when she’s not looking imma gonna eat that pancake*

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    1. That is a correct dialog of that morning. Lmao!
      I actually have them trained that when I say “Mine” they won’t touch the food, even if it’s on the floor. Doesn’t stop him from smelling it though.
      And he does get up on the counters when we leave the house so I always have to check for food before we go. The booger. Lol

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      1. I had a feeling.
        I get that with the cats that picture just screams that.

        Thats good training well done I can just imagine coming home, the door opens and all you hear is a thud then scrambling on the kitchen floor as the dog runs away and hides

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      2. I always know when he’s actually gotten something off the counter because when we walk in he will be sitting in his safe spot/kennel cage instead of greeting us.

        Heres a funny thing, my now gone cat named Igmu (“cat” in lakota) used to tear into bags of marshmallows to eat them. We shared a love for puffy treats. Lol


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