I Know…

He’s home and I know. 

The taint of that place is undeniable.

He strips his clothes and buries them deep in the hamper. 

Leisurely, he heads for the shower like there’s no reason for me to question his whereabouts.

I know he knows, I know. 

He’s waiting to see if I’ll accept his betrayal silently.

I won’t let this go unacknowledged, it might poison us… you never know.

I know actions speak louder than words.  

So, I quickly gather the materials for my revenge from the kitchen.

When I walk into the bathroom he is humming happily to himself.  

The lack of remorse is stunning. 

I peek around the shower curtain at him. “Hey, Jack?” 

Shaking the water from his face he answers, “Yeah, what’s up?” 

“You did it again didn’t you.?” 

He laughs nervously, “What? No. You’re crazy.” 

I laugh hard at his acusation, “Damn straight I am!” I shout at him. 

Holding the wild look, I fling the shower curtain back and hold high my weapon of redemption. 

“Wait, Sarah! No! Stop!”  He screeches like a victim and squirms his naked body away from me. 

With a great heave, I throw all the ice water in my pot at him.

Then he can only scream. 

I watch as goosebumps break out all over his pale skin and he balls up against the shower wall, trying to escape the cold. 

I laugh maniacally and run to avoid any concequeances. 

“I’m going to get you back Sarah!!!”, he yells from the shower stall.

That may be true… but he won’t go to get Korean BBQ without bringing me some again…



Painting (Yes Painting!!) is from Alyssa Monks


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