No Scribbles, Just Pen Scratches

Due to my computer making it’s 3rd trip into the HP warranty, my sick kid being behind in homework, and my home being a craphole of doghair, sand and laundry; I haven’t written anything. 
I doodled this to keep my sanity while urging my daughter to stay on task and not pull every hair from my head in frustration.  Its best viewed from different angles and if possible, high.. haha jk

I had more fun with this one, the water slide began as a piece of broccoli but it wouldn’t come out right.  Hence the summer scene. At least is isn’t as gruesome as most of my drawings; my mother will be pleased. 



    1. Tell me about it! I’m hoping that the HP warranty people will decide it’s cheaper just to give me a new one. I’m getting a Dell next time. I’ve had good luck with them.

      Im only a tiny bit weird. 🙄


      1. It was cheap and I’ve thoroughly learned my lesson!

        Yes just like I have a tiny sweet tooth. I made chocolate chip banana nut bread yesterday. Too good. Its all healthy, cuz the bananas you know. Haha

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  1. These drawings remind me eerily of a bunch of drawings I did back in college under the pseudonym Graham Futcher. I’d just draw random objects and shapes then give the drawing a random name. A name I always liked was ‘I Live In Scarborough. How About You?’

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