Some Things I Love…

I love things that make me think “What the fuck!”

Then smile.

The unexpected that tickles my brain in a different way.

I love new wonders I had no clue existed.

They are infinite and I’m sad that I will only know a fraction of what this world is.

I feel blind to so much, all because my squishy brain can’t fathom or process whatever is actually surrounding me.

I love… love.

I don’t care of the why or where or when of it; be it God, spirit or just a biological trick.

Love remains so varied in its depth, brutality, and beauty; my soul will gladly ride that bucking wave until my last day.

I love water.

It feels like home, like the arms of my mother, like all can be made better.

The feeling of it on my skin, the way it clings to me; It is a safe haven of clarity.

I Love being a secret weirdo.

Being flawed as fuck, vulgar, and strange; Not many I meet can see it and that makes naughty me giggle inside.

My kaleidoscope of colors are expertly hidden behind the beige covers of polite and nice.

I love this.

Creating whatever randomness that I want and having people read and some actually enjoying it, is awesome.

The shared artistry from all different cultures, countries, and points of view makes this digital safehaven a wonderful, positive force in my life.

Thank you!

Ps. I love sun ups and downs too. Hence the pic of a sunset. 



      1. Yes that’s what I do when I’m on the train. I wonder what they are like. The well kept ones and the unruly ones . The way they sit or stand , their clothes big give away hehehe it’s fun

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  1. I love variety. That’s why I feel so frustrated when I see everyone trying to act like each other. Worse still, they then judge those with the fortitude to do things differently. If there was more acceptance for things that were off the beaten track then this world would be a much more tolerant and vibrant place.

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      1. It is changing, though whether for the better remains to be seen. People are becoming braver in announcing to the world that they’re different (or rather less similar) to others. However, I’m not convinced that the majority of these changes nor the growing acceptance of them are conducive to the progress of humankind. It seems we care more about everyone’s emotions and feelings than we do actually pushing our species forwards. In some ways, progress is even halted by it. That’s a-whole-nother conversation though.

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      2. I also like the differences people are feeling more open to share. The amount of “offended” people is disturbing sometimes but in the long run I think everone is becoming more accepting of differences with each new generation.


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