Music I like

Just thought I might share one of my favorite songs at the moment. 

10cm is awesome, it was once a duo but now it’s only this guy Kwon Jung Yeol. His voice has a special sound that I find really soothing. Probably not for everyone, but I like it. 10cm’s older stuff is great too.

This is in Korean but there are subtitles and the video is unbelievably cute. 

If you like him, also check out 10cm_Help and I dare you not to cry. 

 Watch “[MV] 10cm _ pet” on YouTube



  1. Hi Kira,
    I clicked the link, but I don’t know the language. I only know English and the video wasn’t in English.
    My favorite music consists of show tunes.
    I never received a notification you signed up for my current blog so I brought you a link to the form. If you fill this out, you’ll receive my blogging tips newsletters and a downloadable PDF of 123 free blogging tools which will save you hours of time
    Sorry about the confusion with the wrong blog.

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    1. Im sorry, I didn’t realize you were email only. I was hoping to follow you on wordpress as I don’t read emails or sign up with my email. I genuinely appreciate your efforts though. My blog is just for fun really. Thank you again.

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