Pickles and Mayo. WTF! (Rant)

I went to make a tuna sandwhich just now and discovered this travesty of fridge space. I am aghast to find that one of the pickle jars has only a tiny slice of pickle in it. My husband’s doing, I know because he slices them and puts them in his beer. (Bleck!) The rest I’m attributing to my voracious pickle eating offspring.

As to the Mayo, I can only assume one of my children looked for a jar for 2 seconds didn’t see it and went to the pantry for a new one. Ahhrrgh! 

Anywho, thought I’d rant to someone. 😛


  1. First of all who the hell puts pickles in their beer? I think that should be grounds for divorce.
    Secondly mayo is the spawn of the devil and should be destroyed in all of its forms

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    1. Mayo is a staple in my home, I have no idea what you put on your sammiches if not mayo.
      Hubby also puts in tapatio and garlic sometimes. He likes super dark beer and it all tastes like turned soy sauce to me any way. Lol

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      1. Dealing with sick baby not fun. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight. I shall be writing a post about it once she’s asleep. But it’s been a rough one. She can be hard boiled at times

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  2. Yeah, the pickle in the beer thing constitutes what normal people would call “irreconcilable differences”. lol. But, you can never have enough mayo. – Robert

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  3. Thank goodness that you don’t refer to it as a ‘tuna-fish’ sandwich. I mean …jeez …what’s going on up in that hemisphere? Do you have any tuna that aren’t fish?
    I can’t agree with Colin, though. At least not totally. Mayo is vital to a healthy and happy lifestyle. On the other hand pickles in the beer does sound like behaviour that should be addressed ASAP.
    Not grounds for divorce.
    But perhaps an alarming indication of annoying eccentricities that may become intolerable in the future.

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    1. That is funny, I never thought about the unnecessary “fish” thing before. As far as I can tell, we’re a bit “eccentric” compared to the rest of the world. Lol
      I think the pickles thing tastes like olives in beer. I dont know. The Mexican places around here give you all kinds of stuff in your beer. Ive seen shrimp, beef broth and other seafood. Ive even tasted a beer that was exactly like my mothers albondigas soup.
      His good qualities vastly outshine his eccentricities. Im gonna keep him! 😀


  4. Pickles in beer. That’s a new one. It’s also one I shan’t be trying anytime soon! I was also amused at how the label of the mayo looks suspiciously similar to Hellman’s mayo over here. Anyway, I agree. Leaving little bits of shit in any storage area pisses me off too. I’m the only one who eats picked jalapeños in our house. As soon as the jar is done, I take it out of the fridge to go in the appropriate recycling bin. It’s really not hard. Does the same thing happen with orange juice in your house too? A tiny drop left in the bottom as though that’s a justification not to take it out and bin it?

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    1. It’s weird, they’re the same company but they use different label names. When I lived in the Midwest they had Hellmans but on the west coast it’s Best Foods.
      I do leave little bits if I think it’s usable, but I don’t go opening new until the last is gone. I’m not a monster. Lol


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