My Baby Survived Winter in a Hole             

That’s right. Even though winter isn’t fully over, the 80°F  (27°C) weather has tricked PT (Poor Turtle) out of her hole early. She’s (maybe he’s) a 5yo Sonoran Desert Tortoise and they are generally hibernating about now. I haven’t seen my baby since Oct. Which also would have been the last drink of water she’s had. Needless to say she guzzled for a long time before chomping her treats. 

I was a little worried since this was her first winter outside and if they aren’t fat/healthy enough they can actually run the risk of not waking up from hibernation. Scary! 

Her hole is deep and huge and is dug under our big shed in the yard. Not my first pick of location but I can see why she chose it. 

Well she made it through this one, here’s to another 95!



      1. Well, she would roam if we didn’t have a fence and most likely get herself killed because shes not a wild tortoise. Its illegal to take them from the wild. Even so there are tons for free adoption around where I live.

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