Love Games

Space, air and time running low.

Low as the light in this box.

Hope; my only overflowing commodity.

Cashed in for a chance.

A flip of a coin.

Heads; leaves me to gasp and shred this box with no other choice until death steals back my breath.

Tails; births a slippery new opportunity at life, just as filthy as the first began.

As the moments tick and the sweat drips, anything is possible.

I soak it in…

Press the button..

Watch the empty battery flash..

I dial you first, I will beg forgiveness.

Anything if you dig me up…

It rings once, then again and..

“Hello” you say.

Like it’s just one of your games, I keep the fear from my voice, “Honey. Please get me out, I need…

Your familiar mocking laugh cuts in, “Bet you thought that was really me… leave a message!”

Voicemail beeps and I open my mouth..

The phone dies.

Heads; I lose.


  1. Heads you win
    Tails I lose
    That’s the outcome
    That I choose
    Baby tell me
    Of your plans
    Now my life is
    In your hands
    Its suffocating
    Can’t you see
    To be your
    My hands are tied
    I cannot move
    What do I
    Have left to prove?
    I’m suffocating
    Little breath
    My little death.

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      1. Well its good to see you back again. I get the difficulty of balancing work/life/writing its not easy but i found a simple solution to that. Remove the work PROMBLEM SOLVED

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