Poll Results and Stuff☺

Thank you to the few lovelies that left their input on this, just for fun, poll last month! Wow.. a month disappeared somewhere.. anyway..

Turns out we WordPressians run relatively the same as the general public in left/ right ratios. So my hypothesis was wrong… not the first time.

Also just an update on my goings ons: My daughter’s scoliosis surgery went very smoothly and she amazes me every day at the speed of her recovery. Only two and a half weeks after having roughly 18 inches of her back opened up, then having screws and a rod put into her vertebrae, and she’s almost fully recovered. Almost… She can’t bend much yet but it’s to be expected. ☺ I’m working more and learning more skills at my office job, which I actually still really like. I do desperately miss the “me” time and not having to rush as much as I do. I feel like I’m missing a lot by rushing. Eh, I suppose it’s what most people feel like. All in all, I’m doing good.

Love to you, old and new friends 😁


    1. Aw, thank you and hugs right back!🤗 She is doing better than I ever would.
      I’m glad you are still around. I worry sometimes, when I’m being flakey, that everyone I like is going to decide WP is lame and leave. Lol!

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  1. I missed that post. In fact, I’ve missed a bleeding lot of posts the last few months. Massive changes have left my blog wanting for attention. I do plan a return soon though and have written a few things in preparation.

    I actually winced on reading about your daughter’s surgery 😣 I hope she’s okay. I hope you are too.

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    1. Ah don’t worry bout it. I dont think I’ve put out anything much for you to miss. Hey, maybe our comebacks will coincide.🤔😁
      The only hard part was the 4 hours in the waiting room, but its done and the Drs were great. She loves that she’s an inch and a half taller and almost my height.
      I’m hoping your massive changes are good changes..??..


      1. They might well do. Just trying to get together a few pieces before I do return. That way there’s less pressure to get other stuff written in the meantime.

        Who doesn’t like being as tall/taller than their mum? 😂 Bless her. Glad she’s okay now.

        I don’t really want to say the changes are good because that might be insensitive towards certain people, but they’re necessary for my personal growth.

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      2. I’ve been concentrating on getting my novel down to the length I’ve been aiming for. I’ve got just over 2,000 words to shave off now. Hopefully it’ll be ready for submission soon 🤞🏻I was actually telling a friend of mine about your writing the other day as they said they wanted new stuff to read.

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      3. That is very cool! 2K isnt too bad. I’m sure you will accomplish your goal as you are most definitely a steadfast writer. I am jealous.
        I appreciate the recommendation too and hope the friend enjoyed my menagerie!😁


  2. Ohno, But it’s great she’s getting better. Much Love to you and her, and play ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ by aerosmith, for her

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