Big Hole…Big Women (Flash Fiction)

It began as a warp in the scenery, and then a tear with black underneath. Not really black, more like, just… nothing.

I kept my place, a safe distance away. But my friend Frank was curious about what it could be. Creeping closer, he reached his stubby fingers towards it, but needed more leg than he owned.

“Eddy, come give me a boost!” he called to me, his smile jaunty.

I yelled, “Not happening Frank.” and backed away a step more to show my unease.

Something was going to be coming through that hole in the sky, it’s not for nothing. I waited anxiously, eyes fixed to the blackness showing through. Even so, I wasn’t ready for the the large arm that emerged… I screamed. Like a small girl really. I’m sure Frank would have too if he weren’t frozen in place; mouth agape.

Then an oversized goddess towered over Frank and I. Her smooth face showed no emotion; no intent. Thousands of questions flew through my mind, scrambling it to uselessness.

Then the smell of her wrapped me in a cloud of…, ahh sweet heaven. Her scent on the breeze was warm spice and something distinct that I couldn’t name.

My fear was just gone. Craving her attention, I gave my most provocative yell , “Hey Honey!” I know, I know… but to be fair, I did say my head was mush at this point.

She didn’t notice me. I was like a rodent to this tree sized woman, why should she notice me.

An urge built up in my legs to run up to her, I was like a spring crammed flat as it would go.

I would climb her shapely limbs, then up through that long black hair and let her wear me upon her beautiful head as a crown.

I would be King to her Queenly beauty…

Then I saw Frank.

He had the audacity to stroke my Queen’s leg; thrilled wonder painted across his pudgy face.

She slowly bent to inspect Frank. Her perfect breasts swung naturally and seemed to be pointing directly at me for a moment before a curtain of hair blocked my view.

I stumbled closer, two steps, then ten. My jealousy flared seeing her so close to Frank and when she prodded his large belly, knocking him to the ground, I growled in anger.

Frank just lay there wearing a giant smile for my giant goddess and I fumed.

She reached behind her, for something I hadn’t noticed before.

It was a spear, that skewered into my poor buddy’s chest like a toothpick in butter. He never even tried to fight as his heart was stopped; that grin frozen upon his face.

When the slightly smaller woman came through the warp in the sky and tore into his flesh like a starved dog, all I could think was how lucky I was…

“She’s all mine now!” I cheered and ran after my gorgeous Queen.



Art is Mine 😊



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