The Art of Descent ( Poem )

Inside me is a thrashing wild soul.

Threatening my precious balance.

My poise and responsibility, created so carefully.

I worked hard for this.

I don’t want to tumble from this peak.

Except for those times…

When it’s all I want.

All I can think of.

Just sliding on my ass through the jagged rocks.

Tearing skin and reveling pain that wakes me.

Burning scrapes that I can’t bear to peek at.

Scaring badges of courage.

All the way to the bottom.

Where I would wander to any place.

See the wonders and be who I should.

An imperfect human on this wild earth.

As it should be.

Oh hell, it almost escaped…

I almost escaped.

But I stopped it.

But why?



Art is Mine ๐Ÿ™‚









  1. Porngirl3 is right. This is breathtaking. Visually, you laid the groundwork for that journey really nicely. Your pace was quick and concise when it needed it, and slowed a touch to elaborate at the right times. I appreciate this piece, and your talent in writing it, very much! Well done, Kirascribbled!

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