Ear Kitty Kitty (Poem Story)

Leisure-word of the day!

To the fields they stroll, leisure of pace and happy as bird songs in the sunrise’s presence.

She mimics the grace of her companion with her quiet steps.

Silently, swifty, she catches her prize and waits for it’s seismic squeals to deafen her ears.

Sealing out the voices of old powerful beings that have plagued her life since puberty; forgotten gods of the past.

They want recognition, revenge, and her obedience above all.

There was a time when they had it too.

When she lived and lay with them all there in the dark, damp cave; miserable…sinful.

But now, she needn’t worry because the solution has been found; this small task, once a full moon.

She looks to her cat and smiles as the sinister demands fade from her head; the world is fully muted.

They won’t ever drag her away again.

She pets Kittie’s head and opens the net that binds the struggling catch.

Kitty watches longingly at the fleeing prey, but stays close to her lady’s side acting as her ears for what is to caution and what is to miss.

Forever the savior to her special lady with the long legs.


Art is mine.😁

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