Knowing Mothers (Flash Fiction)

“When you were younger, you had a nicer temperament. You were a lovely child, Maryanne. I think it’s the hormones that changed you. Yes, I’m sure it’s the hormones. They are the devil working his ways right up inside you.”

“Ughh! Mom, don’t say it like that. Gross!” Maryanne said dramatically with a roll of her eyes. Then mumbled under her breath, “hormones..” and shook her head.

“What did you say?” her mother asked with warning in her tone.

Maryanne chose to rebel and stated her views freely. “Hormones are not the devil Mom. It’s just mother nature’s way of forcing us to be adults. Every moron knows that much.”

Throwing down the clothes hamper she had propped on her hip, Maryanne’s mom resembled a fish having a seizure out of water.

“Don’t you speak to me that way! I know for a fact that hormones are the first keyhole for the Dark Lord!” She let her breath heave while she circled in closer to her daughter.

Maryanne scoffed, “Really, what proof do you have of this “fact”.” Too late, she noticed the predatory way her mother was looking at her. “Mom?”

“I know.. because I was your age when I became this!” and she let her dark wings and claws unfurl.

The teen backed up against the kitchen counter, screamed and collapsed unconscious to the floor.

Her mother smiled jaggedly and collected her daughter into her arms. “And now, it’s your turn to let him in. “


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