Everyone’s Hunting For Peace (Flash Fiction)

Milly and Kay had regrets so great they were kept awake and their guilt this morning only allowed them to eat oatcakes with cream.

“Why did you open your silly mouth Kay? Now look at the state of things.” Milly said as she ringed her hands and paced.

“Me! You told them it was in McRandy’s Lake, now they want to have her head, the poor thing.” Kay relegated blame but knew it was half her doing.

Milly put on her rubber boots and grabbed a spade, while saying “We’ve got to keep her safe!”

“To hell with the spade, I’m fetching Daddy’s over under.” Kay said and pulled the antique shotgun from the mantle.

“Oh leave it alone sister, you’re too old to be shooting that beast of a gun.”

“I’m fit enough to hold it and keep folks in line, that’s enough.” Kay groused.

The walk to the water was strenuous but thrilling, they felt as soldiers gone to battle. Milly with her grey streaked blonde curls blowing straight in the breeze and fierce, plain faced Kay taking the lead. A strange army indeed.

The townsfolk had round up a hunting party, all equipped with a nice sharp frog gig. They were soon to find that they’d greatly underestimated the voluminous size of the the two sisters pet.

They were screeched at from across the shore, by none other than sweet Milly. “GO HOME!”

A few in the group simply shouted “No!”

Then awakened and curious of the noise, up popped a sleek black neck followed by a montrous head. Chewing grass like a cow with its cud.

“Don’t you touch our baby, she’s harmless.” Kay yelled in a strict tone and lifted the heavy gun to her shoulder to make aim for the far shore.

The group ducked and yelled loud, “Put that down before..”

That’s all Kay heard before it erupted in her arms, knocking her back onto her bum.

Thankfully the shot was a long one and not a bb made it in anyone. That blast did however, scare the giant creature right back into the deep and she never did return.

Problem solved, as far as the townsfolk were concerned.

Kay was bruised, Milly shed a tear and with some help they limped on home. Mission done.

Sherriff came and got the gun.

Said it wasn’t safe.

The end.


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