How He Goes (Flash Fiction)

So I roll down the dunes until the sand fills my ears and nose. Now a deaf and sad, mouth breather I am.

Damp seeps into my pants. The tide sweeps in. Maybe I can float a minute before I choke on the ocean; salt burning my eyes.

Waves crashing nearby. I wish I could call out to that guy, longingly searching the horizon. Ask him to haul me in to shore so the fish don’t eat me alive.

I kid myself, thinking I won’t die before then. I couldn’t even clench my asshole if I tried. Trapped in this shell of a body.

Can’t realy blame my wife. Of course she’ll fry when I die. She realy isn’t all that bright. Not why I married her, to be honest, she has these big, beautiful…eyes. And her breasts ain’t bad.

Quiet under the water.

The cold puckers my skin.

I like watching the sky through the warbled pane of sea green.

Until it all goes… dark.



Look at those magical colors, firing away in my brain.

Never knew colors could carry such feeling in them.

Love and everything at once…


Art is Richard Romano- Colors of Life and Death


      1. Thank you, I still don’t think my posts are showing up on the WordPress feed. I wrote three awesome stories for a series I am working on called Stories From The Heart but I don’t think other bloggers are seeing them. I’ll attach the links if you can share them, that would be wonderful!
        They are unique and inspirational

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