Say Uncle! (Randomness)

So I’ve got an Uncle (we shall name him Phil) staying at my house and I have to say, it is a rather strange arrangement. He’s the husband of my husband’s aunt;  bald, round, and kinda old.  I’ve known him for over 20 years and he is honestly a quiet sweet soul.  However, I have always had the inkling that he is a man with some secrets.  Not many pay close attention to him and my gut is sure there is more there than he presents to the world.

Now, back to the odd of the situation; Phil wakes, Phil showers, Phil leaves at 7am to go work the rounds of his employed position. (He’s filing in until they find someone to take the route, and lives 9hrs away) He doesn’t eat any meals at my house (yes I offer) and he doesn’t come back until 9pm. At which time, I have an awkward five minute smalltalk kind of chat with him and he scoots into the shower again and off to bed. 9pm is well after any time he would be working.  I know that he has friends in town and it is possible he is just hanging out with them every night.. but… my gut. 

Something nags at me saying maybe, just maybe, he’s off doing things he maybe shouldn’t be.  Not anything illegal, because if I thought it was a possibility I wouldn’t have him here, but ya know, just something.. on the naughty side.  I am really just stupidly curious. I’ll never actually know unless some weird piece of gossip pops up and my gut yells “TOLD YOU SO!” 

I vehemently hope it never comes about and I would never say anything about it to anyone in my real life, (not about that drama) I just thought y’all might like to be privy to a silly intuition. 

Hope you have a wonderful everything and anything.   


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