Nonsense of a Nonsentient Soul (Poem)

So many layers added on with every seeping second. Why and when?  It’s bound to make sense eventually but hasn’t done so yet.

So I dream and pinch myself, thinking reality is bound to sweep in and clear out the suffocating confusion. Why and when? Stop playing this game. I give in, I give.

I live,  I give,  I wonder at the worth and why and when. Fuck this all makes no sense and I miss out. 

That chance to strike is present and gone because it is so hard.  That unimaginable why and when. Make do. Hide. Wait. Forever will be here tomorrow and too late.

They do say that don’t they.  You come and go all the same way.  But I’d love to have you in the middle of all my middles. Clenched up tight inside. Safe.

I’d like to have you. Period. Have you have me and just let that other shit melt away. Have our conversations flow and peak like the why and when of our reality. What is it really?

Not this nonsense surely.

No, not this nonsense.





Ps..This was just a ramble of consciousness, that has very little frontal lobe thought put in. No worries, I promise I am as regularlike as I usually am.

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