My name really is Kira. I was named after a muse character in Xanadu.

I am a part-time Contract Administrator (fancy for file-organizer-lady) and even better, the mother of two tyrannical little versions of my husband and I.

I have two doggies and one tortoise.

Possess an endlessly wandering focus.

I write stuff.. rarely finishing the long ones. I published a kids book on Amazon. It’s bad. Don’t bother.

I am mediocre on the banjo, but it is fun to practice.

I paint and draw. I’ve used a bunch for the blog, because it’s nice to play show and tell to a few hundred people before they are stuffed in a drawer.

I have learned only enough Korean (Why Korean? I just love the sound of the language) to start a conversation and get myself in trouble.

I love meditating and ASMR. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up. You won’t be sorry you did and I couldn’t sleep without it.

I like archery and am okay with my compound bow but I haven’t tried hitting anything that moves, as of yet. No one’s made me mad enough. 🤨

Prepping and survival techniques intrigue me.

I’ve milked a cow, a horse, a person, a sheep, a cat, a dog, and now this list is getting creepy long for how many things I’ve milked. Hey, I grew up in the midwest. Milk happens.

I obviously enjoy making lists.