Merry Everything! 

Love and the magic it creates is worth everyone’s belief.  Please enjoy those you love, be kind, and find beauty in life. That is my wish for you all. Have a happy whatever kind of holiday you celebrate! 


Midnight Magic      (Poem)

Tiptoe little feet softly down the hall.

Giggles held, while brightened eyes peek around a wall. 

Magic bursts down the chimney; a jolly man’s distraction.

Tiny fingers tremble at the thought of introduction.

Glances meet, she stares at her feet, embarrassed at her sneaking.

 A warm chuckle, a gentle pat upon her head and he disappears in a glorious twinkling.



  1. Nice poem Kira… totally captures the Holiday magic 🙂 I wish you and your surviving family members a Jolly end of the year! And my condolences for those who won’t make it through!! LOL xx

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