Odds           (Poem)

Is it possible to turn away the murky echoes of damage done?

To force your will against the backlash of evil, so carefully spun. 

Will the universe cease its reaping if a repenting heart begins a pure tempo of beating?

It will eventually come to that very moment, when life’s balance is tipped back to even.

With a flip of a heavy sided coin your souls fate will be determined. 

For the tiny instances of kindness you’ve shown, I pray for leniency in your cosmic judgement because I know…

Your gonna need it.



I took this sunset in my front yard the other day and the black tree part is my neighbors mangled trimming job.  


  1. Are you insinuating that we’re all hell bound? YAY! Muhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Once again you knock my least favoured style of literature out of the park. You’re not only one of my favourite writers, but very probably my favourite poet too.

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