Wake of Deception (Poem)

Dissecting the future of their love like a serial killer of old. No care for evidence, damage, or retribution is shown.

Raspy breath, slapping flesh, like a hatchet’s strike echoing in the dark. Deed done; a trust lay slaughtered in an abandoned truth.

Sightless eyes of a betrayed love, wandering confused and starved where there once was home. 

Facts hit like a wave of ice in your veins and knock you to the ground. Feel and remember; the rocks in your knees, the ache in your bones, the resounding loss of half your soul.  

Ruin and decay eat at the cavity left behind. It whispers “You’re alone.” Louder and louder the more it’s heard. Belief in a broken self. 

Wait. Rescue is coming. Those in bloom have heard your call, they only need a crack in the wall to grab hold and pull you through. 

The view from there is beautiful.



The Art is mine. 



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