A Conversation With Jack (Flash Fiction)

“Alan, I feel it’s imperative that you know, truth is the genesis of my feelings and actions at this point. I’ve observed you for quite some time. Made note on how you interact with others; strangers and friends alike. There also came into play, a certain terrier. A poor wretch that you gave special attention to and that greatly helped steel my resolve… No, no, don’t say anything. I’m sure I can guess your feelings for me. I mean realy…you don’t know me from Jack. That is my name by the way. Jack. Not an especially important detail for you, but I thought that given our impending closeness, you’d might want to know.”

In the dimly lit room, Jack pulls the hood from his victim’s head and immediately snaps a polaroid of the large man fully strapped to the long medical table.

Terror, confusion, and anger blend on the face of a middle aged school teacher. Jack grins wide and shows the photo to the flash blind man.

“See Alan, just look at the evil in that face. Especially those eyes. Oh, almost demonic, I’d say.”

Alan wiggles the small amount he’s able, but says nothing due to the gag and tape Jack’s put into place.

“Yes, it would have been only a matter of time before your activities involving small innocent beings turned you feral.”

Jack pulls the chain for the blinding overhead lights, allowing Alan to truely see his surroundings for the first time.

Enlarged, full color photos of the various horrible deeds he’s done over time hang on plastic sheeting that encases the entire room. He sees Jack running his hands adoringly over the gleaming instruments.

Knowing right then that he won’t be leaving this room alive, Alan attempts to yell past his gag in hopes of a possible savior.

“Well, I think that is enough conversation Alan. Time to remedy mother nature’s blunder. Do try to keep the muffled screaming going for as long as you’re able… it is my favorite part.”


Art is from pinterest and this is part of the dail word prompt. Genesis😁


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