Prom Party Part 2 (Horror Story)

Prom Party Part 1 <– click here to begin at the begining. 😁

“Help! Who is that?” Victor calls out.  

When he sees the round face and large glasses of Nelly Stenkler come into the light, he fights back a sob of relief. 

“It’s Nelly. What’s going on, are you okay?” she asks as she moves closer. Her wide eyes look around and she runs over to Victor’s side.

“Oh my! What happened? Oh my gosh!”
He holds back tears, “Someone or something killed everybody and cut my tendons. My football career is over!” 

Her twin braids shake as she turns her head every which way to try and see the culprit of such evil. “We need to get you out of here.” 

She starts walking to the van, but Vic stops her, “No! The killer could still be by the van and it’s not running.”

“Okay. I do know of a cabin not too far away. Can you get on my back?” She crouches in front of Victor and waits for him to climb on. 

He decides right then that he will never say a bad thing about a tall, strong woman again. This one was going to save his life. He pulls himself up and clings to her back. She tips a little with his weight but is able to walk easily enough once she builds momentum. 

Nelly carries him through the forest trails, and the whole time Victor feels a phantom knife at his neck. Panic rides him as heavily as he rides Nelly and he waits for the death blow to come from the open darkness. 

Miraculously they safely make it to a small one room log cabin. Nelly drops him onto a bouncy spring mattress and turns on a battery powered lantern in the corner. Victor watches as she locks all the bear bars on the windows and door. They are safe from the killer and he closes his eyes, letting consciousness fade away.

Victor awakes the next morning, feeling like death warmed over. His tongue is stuck to the side of his cheek and even his eyelids are having a hard time sliding over his eyeballs.

“Water…water…..” he pleads in a raspy whisper.

“Here you go.” Nelly says and tips a glass of cool water into his mouth. Now that the morning sunshine is here, he can see more of the cabin. There is another single bed pushed against the far wall and a kitchenette with table set in between. He guesses the only unbarred door belongs to a bathroom.  He shifts in the bed trying to relieve the agonizing pain in his legs. Vic knows he needs to get to a hospital and asks Nelly, “Do you think it’s safe to go out and get help yet?”

Her normally pleasant expression turns sour, “You want me to go out into the woods with a maniac running around killing people? Do you even care if I get murdered Victor!”

“But I need to see a doctor, I need antibiotics, I need surgery!” He pleads.

Nelly yells, “I, I, I. All you ever think about is yourself! Have you even realized that Cindy is dead because of you. That if you would have let her go home like she wanted and not of carried her there against her will, that she would be alive right now. You did this! All of this!”

“What? Uh…how did you? What?” Cold fear washed over his body. Nelly could not have known about what happened on the trail there. Unless…

“Why would you do this Nelly?” He asks, his hope completely gone.

“I thought it might be obvious Victor.” She says with an off-kilter grin.

“Well it’s not. Please explain?” He asks in a forced calm tone.

Nelly was teased through all the years of school for her tall muscular stature and her unfortunate name. Smelly Stinkler evolved into Smelly Skankler when they hit high school, but all the teasing over the years never seemed to affect her too much. Now though, Victor thought that maybe it had been building up inside her and she’s just snapped.

“For starters, I’m having your baby and we are going to be a happy family. Those people were just in the way. It was nothing personal.” She shrugs.

Vic goes completely still, taken aback at the level of crazy she was displaying. “I’ve never touched you, how could you possibly be having my kid?”

“Well… I knew that you’d want me to be as pure a vessel for our child as possible, so I collected a couple used condoms from that party at Rudy’s place in March and created our miracle child who will be born from a virgin. Aren’t you excited?”

Shaking his head, he says “I’m not sure how I’m feeling right now…this is all too… fucked up.”

“And just to be clear, I’m not even mad you slept with that whore Cindy so much. I know that men have needs and you were just using her. Anyway, I feel like it’s a baby boy. We can name it Victor Jr., sound good?” She sits there on the ratty quilted bed, a large smile shining, rubbing her stomach, and waits for his answer.

The fog in Victor’s head finally clears and an honest reaction slips out, “No fucking way! You are insane if you think I’m going along with this.” he says with his face twisted in anger.

“Fine!” Nelly pounds her fist into the bedding, dust flies, and she stomps to the cabin door.

“I’m going to let you think long and hard about the consequences of choosing the wrong words,” then slams the door behind her. Her exit is followed by the jingle and click of the door being chained.

Victor soon finds that it’s impossible to get out of bed anyway. Nelly has strapped a thick plastic band around his waist and secured it to the bed. His body is too weak to attempt any kind of escape. Every movement ends in a sharp stabbing pain to his injuries. He is completely at her mercy.

Vic wiped a stray tear and told himself as confidently as possible, “Someone’s got to come looking for me.”  

Until then, he would play along.



Photo found here. I did draw on it though. 


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