Then you. (Poem)

I never knew of the beauty that can live in a single simple voice.

I weep as it echoes through me, strumming a chord kept hidden.

You tempt this small, frightened piece of my soul to stand, to reach out, to dance.

Eagerly my heart awaited this pure, loving song you sing only for me; I just never knew.


Painting is by Rassouli  (lovers)



      1. You just basically say it’s copyrighted and you’re done. Look at the disclaimer on my blog. That’s basically all you need to do to say “this shit is mine and if you steal it I’ll set the dogs on you”.

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      2. If it’s an original creation then it’s pretty much already copyrighted. If you state that you wish it to be copyrighted and permission has to be gained for its use then you have a legal right over it. Of course that doesn’t prevent plagiarism, but if you were to discover unauthorised use of your material then you could essentially get the law involved. Look up copyrighting and it’ll all become clear.

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