Arrival             (Poem)

Spring breaks free.
Pouring her love and strength into the world when desolate cold has a grip that strangles and kills.

She who births the world and makes the days stretch long also awakens and transforms life anew.

She brings happiness and warmth to the spirit of the world with flowers and babies.

Green is the color of her nurturing touch, sweet is her perfume as she embraces us.

Softening the wickedness of existence until she is overpowered by the ferocity of summer and is forgotten once again.

She waits patiently.
The mother of all.

She is spring…


Pictures are mine from when Hubby and I stopped on the way to the dump last weekend. My glam life.😆



  1. Could spring be the best of all seasons? I think so. A time when earth traditionally comes to life. There’s something about that that really awakens the mind for me. A great tribute to the season of seasons.

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